Daily Rituals

Howdy y’all! I’m going to try something different and allow my readers a chance to get to know me on a more personal level, so here we go ~

Do you have any daily rituals that just make your soul sing? I have a few to share with you:

  • I love to clean the apartment daily. Lemon Pine Sol is my spirit animal. I use it on everything, from the cat box to the counters (not at the same time, ha!). Nothin’ like a nice clean rag to dirty up and some Pine Sol, I say!
  • As you might be able to tell from this blog, I adore my morning coffee. I am a creamer connoisseur and am hoping to try making my own flavored creamer sometime soon … for now, store-bought works (despite being laden with unhealthy ingredients).
  • I take a relaxing hot bath every night and shave my legs. Something about a hot bath is just so soothing, and I have a hangup about feeling clean when I slide into my bed sheets.
  • I paint my nails in the morning. I’m trying to grow out healthy and strong nails after years and years of biting them out of nervous energy, and painting them each day reminds me of how strong they’re getting (and not to take a chomp!).
  • Obviously, I enjoy my daily workout(s), and I can’t imagine my life without them. They keep my bipolar disorder on the defensive, and I love me a good sweat session to work out my anxiety … that’s primarily why I workout, y’all, to keep my demons at bay. It really works!
  • I cook dinner for my Luke every day that he’s working. I feel like it’s a special way for me to give him a part of myself … cooking is like a wonderful song that I sing well, and I get so much pleasure if he says that my food is tasty and nourishing.
  • I do my makeup and hair everyday, and I’m a bit of makeup junkie. My hair sometimes goes two days without a wash (hello, dry shampoo!), but I feel incredibly un-put together despite curling it. Perhaps I need to study up on braids for those days! I also wear sunscreen daily and do clay masks (mixed with coconut oil) to draw out impurities … my skin has taken a beating due to years of eating disordered behavior, and I’m trying to help it out.
  • Of course, how could I neglect to mention how much joy my kitties bring me each day?! I try to love on all three of them in the morning when they’re most receptive to attention. Caprica is often the first thing I see when I wake up, and Calliope comes up onto the bed every night without fail as I’m trying to fall asleep and cries her insistent little “ow, ow” for butt scratches. Ah, my dear kitties!

Alrighty, that’s a little bit more about moi! I hope to keep sharing bits and pieces of my identity on here. 🙂


I had two hard boiled eggs with S+P and a squirt of French’s Spicy Mustard (not pictured because I promptly forgot it!) along with some strawberries and sugar. I wasn’t terribly hungry this morning, but I needed a bite to fuel my workout. I also had some Green Vibrance to drink … it tastes the way alfalfa smells, so I hope it’s worth the health benefits, ha! I should try taking it with OJ or something else that might cut the taste.


I enjoyed half about half of a cup of cottage cheese on a bed of spinach and half a tomato with roasted carrots, broccoli, and green bell pepper (baked with my usual EVOO, S+P, and Fajita Seasoning). Hummus, ranch, and Pace salsa on the side for dipping (a teeny bit, y’all … I’m trying to cut back). Hot Matcha tea with stevia to drink.


Tonight I made my recipe of deer tenderloin and onions (I might get a hair up my ass and post that recipe one day) … I had some deer and some skillet-roasted broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, and kale with butter, EVOO, S+P, and garlic. BBQ sauce on the side. Easy peasy. Coffee to drink.

Exercise and Mental Health

For my first workout, I did cardio – I “elliptical-ed” for 50 minutes and walked for 10 minutes. 🙂 I also did about 120 sit ups … gotta keep my core coming along, right? For my second workout, well … Luke and I got to the gym, and his intestines started hurting in a bad way. We did two machines and called it quits, so today will count as our rest day instead of tomorrow. Poor Luke had to call in sick to work since his cramping was so terrible. 😦

Mood-wise, I was fine this morning, but then I had a low spell in the afternoon which carried into the evening. It might have to do with the weather suddenly turning a little rainy and very overcast. I’m sensitive to changes in the barometric pressure and such, so this is not a far stretch. I feel exhausted and very drained as I type this post … here’s hoping that this isn’t a tread, but at this point, that’s up in the air since I’ve felt so stinkin’ low lately.

That’s my spiel for today … I’m going to take a hot bath and see if that doesn’t help out my mood. Good night, all!

Monday Fun-Day

Howdy y’all! How are you doing today?

It’s Monday-Fun-Day once again, and my husband was off work. Hooray! (We ran errands most of the day.) As you can tell, he was THRILLED to have a day off …

… and I was thrilled to be have a Persephone-cat in my midst!


This morning I enjoyed a Chobani vanilla yogurt topped with a banana, some honey, a sprinkling of Quaker Oats, and almonds. Coffee to drink … I’ve been replacing my creamer with milk and stevia, and it’s mighty tasty!

I sipped on my mug of Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea with stevia throughout the morning … I’m trying to cut back on my cups of coffee, and green tea is the perfect replacement! It’s also very beneficial for weight lifters to drink.


I had two oranges for lunch – I just wasn’t very hungry! Ho hum …


I tried a new recipe from Pinterest, Healthy Baked Cheddar Ranch Chicken. It turned out wonderfully … very crunchy crust! I also made some Italian-style veggies as the side; I sauteed broccoli, zucchini, and mushrooms with EVOO, butter, S+P, Italian Seasoning, and half a can of diced tomatoes (the kind with basil and such). BBQ on the side!

Exercise and Mental Health

This morning I did some yoga and sit ups … I’m starting to notice definition in my lower tummy, which is where I need it (I had a hysterectomy in 2011, and it has left my lower belly very pudgy and weak).

Luke and I went to the gym and did leg day for 50 minutes … we were both wiggly and wobbly when we finished up, ha!

Mentally, I’ve been so-so … not amazing, not terrible. I’ve been struggling to keep an upbeat mood throughout the day, and I wonder why. I’ve been sleeping well, and nothing bad is going to happen. Perhaps this is just a usual phase of my bipolar – I tend to go through phases – and I’m glad that I’m not in a deep depression, but my moods have been rather ho-hum, so I’m hoping I’ll perk up soon.

I’m watching Bizarre Foods and chilling tonight with my tankard o’ tea …

Have a nice night, y’all! 🙂

Double Workout Day!

Howdy y’all!

I had a double workout day today and felt compelled to share my adventures and good eats on here.


I was craving a savory and sweet breakfast, so I made avocado-egg toast and a yogurt parfait! My bread was Newman’s Own honey wheat, toasted and topped with half of a baby avocado, a fried egg with S+P and a little bit of cheddar, and Pace salsa. The yogurt was Brown Cow coffee-flavored with a small banana and a teeny drizzle of honey. Starbucks vanilla coffee and silk creamer on the side! A delicious and filling breakfast for sure.


Tuna and veggies! I roasted some red onion, a big ol’ carrot, the other half of my baby avocado, some broccoli, and some cauliflower with S+P, garlic powder, and a dash of EVOO. YUM! I had salsa-ranch dressing, Pace salsa, and hummus on the side for dipping (I’m ADDICTED to dipping my veggies, y’all). I also enjoyed a packet of Starkist Thai Chili Style tuna with some cucumber rounds serving as little crackers.


Tonight I had Enchilada Chicken – it’s half of a chicken breast covered in red enchilada sauce, some corn, some black beans, S+P, garlic powder, and a bit of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Alongside my chick-chick, I roasted some mushrooms, green beans, broccoli, red heirloom tomato, and zucchini in butter and olive oil with S+P, Italian Seasoning, and garlic powder and added my usual Pace salsa, ranch dressing, and pine nut hummus alongside for dipping.

Exercise and Mental Health

To burn off some bad juju from Sunday night, I went to the gym for an hour this morning – I did the elliptical for 50 minutes (I was proud of myself as I didn’t stop to pee!) and walked at an arm-swinging pace for 10 minutes. Talk about a mood booster! I felt great after my first sweat-session. Luke and I went back to lift weights in the afternoon and stayed for about 45 minutes – it was ARM DAY, after all, one of my favorite days (okay, you got me, any day that I workout is one of my favorite days, but there’s something about arm day that makes me feel powerful)!

When we got home, I had Luke snap a quick pic of me … I’m pleased with my progress and hope to do a before and after pic eventually. I can see a remarkable different in my shoulders, arms, and legs. I don’t look SUUUPER skinny and unhealthy anymore, and I’m here to say that if a girl who struggled with anorexia and bulimia for 17 long years can do this, YOU CAN TOO. I’m so serious.

What’s my next goal? To GAIN 5 pounds of muscle, y’all! I’m still stuck around 125-128 lbs, and I want to get to 130 … that seems so strange of me to write as I’ve *always* been obsessed with getting my weight lower, not higher.

Mentally, I’m stable after Sunday night’s shenanigans. I feel empowered and have pushed past my PTSD and anxiety through eating well, not drinking alcohol, and exercise. Hooray! 🙂

I also managed to snap an adorable picture of Luke and Persephone before he went to work. She looks so put-out with him, ha!

Now I’m off to watch Bizarre Foods (I love Andrew Zimmern to pieces!) and chillax with some blueberry acai green tea.

Have a GREAT night, my friends!

The Ranch on Easter and a Mental Health Update

Howdy all! We went to the ranch over Easter, and here are a few of my favorite snaps from the trip!


As you can see, we saw the Easter Bunny on Easter morning! We had a great time!

Mental Health

Oh boy, yesterday was a DOOZIE … the day started out wonderfully and then ended on a terrible note. As you might know, I have PTSD from my childhood, and it carries into adulthood through fears of my abusive and drunk father. Last night, I was chilling and had texted him some pictures of the ranch (he owns it, and I thought he’d enjoy them). I know that he was drinking heavily last night like he always does, and I need to be on my guard more when texting him as we were having a civil conversation until he suddenly started going on about how I had wronged him in life in no uncertain terms, just being plain NASTY to me.

I was shocked at first and shaken as we’ve been on civil terms for a while now, but I didn’t allow the conversation to induce vomiting as it would have in the past, nor did I crave a drink myself (I’m a recovering alcoholic). I’m proud of how I handled the situation, y’all. I did have nightmares all last night about my father though, and it reminds me of how terrorized I was as a child and teenager … not a good place to be. I hope to have a better sleep tonight. After all, time is the best healer.

Take care xoxo