Crazy Cat Lady

Howdy y’all! What are you up to on this fine Sunday?

I lost about 1.5 pounds despite eating about 1600 calories yesterday, boo! I’m trying to stay around 125+, and this morning I was 123.6. Methinks it’s natural body fluctuations along with exercise. Today I’m not going to do a breakdown of my calories as it’s a touch tedious, and I have them logged into Lose It! already. No worries, I’ll still share my eats and will divulge my total calories at the end of the day. (I’m still not counting things like morning coffee, olive oil, or spices, so sue me … I’m a rebel like that.)


This morning I had banana oatmeal … it was my usual mix of 1/2 C Quaker oats, 1 C of cashew milk, 1 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 medium banana, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and salt. I topped my oats with 1/2 C strawberries, 1 tsp of honey, and about a tbsp of almond butter (I admit that I went back for seconds on the almond butter). Two cups of coffee were consumed on the side. Breakfast is definitely a high calorie meal – I’m totaling 473 calories here, but I need fuel for my workout, and oatmeal is my life!

I just LOVE my giant Crazy Cat Lady mug, it suits me perfectly.

I came home from my workout to find Luke in bed with the cats (well, technically with just Caprica and Calliope)… Calliope was kneading vigorously on Luke’s knee like the nasty thing she is …

You can tell Luke is not amused by the kitty antics, ha!

Persephone was on the couch, as usual, and she posed for me today!


Today I enjoyed some more deer backstrap for lunch with veggies – I soaked the backstrap in milk overnight to remove the gamey taste, and then I marinated it in Worcestershire, balsamic vinegar, a dash of olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. I also added a pinch of basil in too for some variety. I also baked broccoli and a yellow squash with olive oil, S+P, and some Fiesta Chicken Seasoning that I found in the cabinet, just for a fun new flavor. I served my backstrap with a drizzle of BBQ sauce and my veggies with some salsa and low-calorie ranch for dipping (can you tell that I love dipping my veggies in sauces yet??). This lunch was YUM-O and very filling!

Total calories for the meal: 558 (I had 8 oz of deer meat instead of my usual 6 oz, so it was higher calorie today but WORTH IT. I love my venison!)


Dinner was very simple tonight. I made Parmesan-ranch chicken breast and a baked zucchini. For the Parmesan-ranch chicken, I just squirted about a tablespoon of light ranch into a bowl, tossed my cubed chicken into it, and then sprinkled it with fresh Parmesan cheese. Salsa and a tablespoon of ketchup on the side for dipping.

Total for dinner: 437 calories

Total for the day: 1468 calories

Exercise and Mental Health

Today I did an hour and fifteen minutes at the gym – no weights today as I’m still sore from yesterday, but I did the elliptical for a hour and walked at 4.0 mph for fifteen minutes. Then I went to my mom’s house and we did some yoga and a “ten minute abs” video (afterwards we drank tea and sat outside in the nice warm sun)! I just ADORE spending time with my kind, caring, and sweet mom … she even wants to buy me some new tennis shoes this week, which I totally need now that I’m working out a ton … what can I say, my mom is one in a billion!

I might go on a walk this evening since it’s so nice and warm out (it got up to 92 degrees today), I haven’t decided yet.

Mentally, I’m doing so STINKIN’ well that it’s scary sometimes. I’m not used to such stability in my life, but now that I’m not drinking at all and am eating properly with EXERCISE, I’m doing damn awesome. I’m sleeping so deeply, I’m keeping track of my meals and how they make me feel, and I’m super delighted that my 17-year long eating disorder is on the mend (with help from my therapist, of course).

So how are YOU doing today? Are you depressed, happy, or just stable? Did you workout today? I’d love to hear from my readers!



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